COVID-19 Policy

In an effort to combat COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and practice social distancing I have switched to an online-only practice and will see appointments via video conferencing using Jituzu until further notice. Please contact me at to make an appointment. 

There are moments in life when you need more and find yourself seeking the expertise of a professional.

Dr. Lisa A. Thompson can help you find success on your own terms.

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About the Practice

Dr. Lisa A. Thompson is a licensed professional counselor, certified vocational rehabilitation counselor, educator and researcher who enjoys living and working in beautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas. Her practice is focused on working with people who strive to understand themselves and live productive, meaningful lives. As a provider of treatment, she emphasizes the concept of radical self-acceptance and encourages people to understand that symptoms are not character flaws and diagnosis is not identity. Her practice is LGBT friendly and welcomes all people interested in living a more authentic life.

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